This Visa allows the applicant to stay in Oman over a period of 30 days from the date of entry to Oman and the processing time of this Visa is around 7-10 working days.

  1. Choose your Nationality as per Passport
  2. Choose your travel date, type and number of passengers for whom visa to be applied.
  3. Upload Passport first and last information pages and Photo.
  4. Enter Your personal details
  5. Review your details and click PAY NOW.
  6. Choose your mode of payment (credit, debit, net banking). Enter your card details and you would be directed to secure checkout.
  7. Visa Applied.
  8. In 7 – 10 working days approved Visa would be delivered to your email id.

Special Notes

  1. The validity of passport should be minimum 6 months from the intended return travel date.
  2. Once the visa is approved the passenger will have to make your first entry into the visiting country within 58 days.
  3. The passport should NOT be in hand written format.
  4. The documents submitted should be clear color scanned copies and should not be blurred or weary.
  5. If any of the above requirements are not matching with your current situation you may contact us at
  1. Fill up the online visa application form.
  2. Photograph in white background.
  3. Attach the required documents : Passport First & Last – details pages, Return Air Tickets and supporting documents in case of Children under 18 or Lady passenger Traveling alone) required for visa processing.
  4. Enter payment details
  5. Travel itinerary

In order to make payment, you can  choose options including Credit / Debit Card, online bank transfer or cash deposit. Once we receive your application and payment, we’ll examine your documents and contact you for further details (if required).

Oman, an enchanting country, located off the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, has emerged as a popular destination among the globe-trotters for its ancient magical beauty. The picturesque landscapes and age-old traditions are sure to mesmerise your senses. You will be spellbound by its captivating palm trees, charming villages, fascinating date plantations, hypnotising valleys and alluring deserts. Oman is a beautiful blend of the ancient and the modern world. Travellers can satiate their appetite for gorgeous jewellery, mouth-watering delicacies by shopping in the tempting markets of Oman. From camel racing, scuba diving, dolphin watching to cruising, Oman is surely a destination that will hold you by surprise.

Here are some places and activities to do in Oman.

  • Wadi Al Shab:The valley has jade-green fresh water and is a popular swimming destination.
  • Land of Frankincense:This place is popular for its offering of the fragrant resin and the Museum of the Frankincense Land. It is also accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Scuba diving:Not many people know of the diving sites that secretly lay hidden in the marine cliffs, small islands and caves of Oman. You may indulge in diving experiences at Al Khayran, Al Fahil Island, Dimaniyat Islands, Al Makbara Bay (Old Muscat) and Al Jissah Beach.
  • Wahiba Sands :This place is popular for its timeless deserts and the Bedouins occupied houses.
  • Salalah Tourism Festival :The seasonal monsoons called khareef bring a whiff of cold air and a layer of greenery in the city of Salalah. The festival is celebrated in the monsoons and various cultural events like music, dance and handicraft sales are conducted.

Best time to visit Oman Oman experiences hot weather for most part of the year . The recommended time to visit Oman is between November and mid-March as the climate is pleasant and the daytime temperature is around 25C.

  1. Normal Oman visa processing time is between 7-10 working days after successful acceptance of documents and payments
  2. Approval or Rejection of the visa is purely on Embassy discretion. In any scenario, visa charges have to be paid full in advance and is non-refundable.
  3. Any incomplete payment transactions have to be discussed and dealt with your local bank first.
  4. Traveler’s whose visa was already issued in the past and could not travel due to certain reasons should cancel the last visa or expired visa before applying fresh.
  5. Applicant is solely responsible for the authenticity of documents furnished and are accountable for exiting the visiting country well within prescribed Visa validity. And will be fully responsible for all penalty and charges in case of overstay or absconding, for whatever reasons.
  6. Few applications are randomly selected for blacklist checking. In such cases, the application processing time can vary without any definite time lines commitment.
  7. AROOHA will not be responsible for honoring any ticket commitment made by the traveler before visa issuance.
  8. Passenger is responsible to check the correctness of all the information printed on the Visa within 24-48 hours of visa issuance / before travel (whichever is early). AROOHA will not be liable for any loss arising from typo errors if not intimated in advance.
  9. Visa fees is non-refundable and is applicable even on rejected cases. Cancellation fee and additional visa charges will be applicable for reapplying any rejected applications.
  10. Passenger has to ensure whether Ok TO Board (OTB) message is updated or not by concerned airlines before one day of travel date.
  11. AROOHA reserves the rights to refuse to process any application based on its own discretion.

This Booking form is for 30 Days Oman Tourist Visa.

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